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Find your internship easily at WorldWideTraineeships.

Your internship or traineeship is easily found within 15 minutes.

With the many qualitative national and international internships and traineeships Worldwidetraineeshipsis specialized in the Hospitality-, Travel-, Event- and Facility industry. New and interesting internshipsand traineeships are added daily; not just work-experience placements, but also thesis- and management placements are quickly found.

If you are looking for a quality training know that an internship or traineeship is easily found here and therefore register quickly and for free.

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Worldwidetraineeshipsis particularlyattractive to companiesas they are easily able to get a good intern. This by means of matching candidates to different keywords such as training and / or experience.

As service is very important in the hospitality industries it is the same here. Access, service, helpfulness and personal values are held high at here.

For questions and / or comments, pleasecontact us.

VisitWorldwidetraineeshipsregularly in order to stay updated on the latest trainee-news and work-placement updates.

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Here you'll find a selection of our recently added internships.

Internship in the Accounting department at Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Brussels
Marketing internship head office Seminyak Bali
Traineeship - Internship Communications in Chengdu, China
Internship Accounting at a Deluxe Hotel in Seville | Spain
Practicas Calidad Hoteles 5* Lanzarote
Internship training Food & Beverage 4* hotel - Dubai - Emirates
Overseas trainee Sales and Marketing needed at 5 star beach resort Phuket
Internship bar 4 star hotel Canary Islands Spain
Marketing internship training for large 4 star Thalasso hotel - Gran Canaria
Trainee Event assistant manager Deluxe hotel Lanzarote
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Retail organization Malta,
Retail organization Malta,


> Internship Sales and Operations Malta
> Internship Fashion Marketing Events
> Internship Graphic Design and Media Content

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