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go abroad

International Internships for Domestic Companies/Organizations

You will want to explore domestic organizations or companies that may be looking for an intern with your qualifications to work abroad for them. Some domestic organizations offer volunteer programs abroad that can help you gain significant work experience. Other companies may offer paid or unpaid positions or a modest stipend to cover travel or living expenses and place you in one of their international offices or research centers. Such opportunities may be posted or you may need to approach organizations that interest you and inquire to learn of their programs or opportunities. 

Other advice

Start Early

Whether you are researching internships on your own or applying through an organization, try to start as early as possible. If researching on your own, you will probably need to start at least six to eight months ahead of time. Deadlines for internship placement programs vary so you'll need to find that information when investigating different programs. A lot of countries require visas. In some countries you will not get any paid internships, because it is not legally allowed for "foreigners to work=internships for money." Sometimes a working permit is allowed so you can have a traineeships and get some money for it. Look at Interessed links. There you have some links to visa requirements for some countries. In other cases contact the Embassy of the country you wish to go to for specific information.

Do Your Homework

Obviously there's a wide range of opportunities for internships abroad. If you know what you want, you'll be able to do all the research you need to and weigh the different options according to how well they meet your goals. Enjoy your traineeship. Feel free to share every detail of information you have gattered with us.

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