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internship in United States of America

Traineeships in America

It is very interesting to have an internship/ traineeships in the States. You like to see yourself in metropoles like new York, Washington, Los Angeles, Las Vegas. However it takes a lot of preparation before you will finally go to the States. Here we wil give you some pointers for your preparation.

Start on time

It can be difficult to find a traineeship / internship. Time is of the essence. Start at least a year before you want to go. Due to the more strict regulations of the American Government it is even more difficult to get a visum. The State Department has a special website for the visum and Designated Sponsors, where you can find some companies.

Approaching companies

When you have selected your companies a letter of motivation is the next thing to do. Attach letters of recommendation from you institute, coordinators etc. Do not send any certificates, awards or pas photo.Your letter of motivation should be really convincing, because then they will read your resume and recommendationletters.  Your letter of motivation should include a proper introduction of yourself, a good explanation why you want to go to the States and why you want to have your traineeship at their company. On the other hand you need to explain what the institute requirements are for a good internship. Also explain that your internship is part of your institute's work placement program with strict rules and regulations. If you have a "work-placement" manual attached it to your motivation letter. You may ask for some compensation ( travel, visa, living expenses). You may also ask if the company will assist you with your visa. This will take less time for you as a student and because they offer to be a sort of Designated Sponsor to you and the State Department. If all the above is to much work for you, you can decide to find a company in your country who can assist you with a visa, living space etc. But do not forget: they can be expensive!

For your complete and afforable insurance ( The States can be very expensive if not well insured!) check out our special page HERE

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