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The Best Digital Leaders Possess This One Trait

Posted on 13-04-2016.

In the digital age, where the change rate rivals that of teenagers choosing their wardrobe for the day, organizations with closed and rigid leadership will sink under the weight of their own stubbornness.


When organizations find themselves staring in the face of inevitable and rapid change, what could the go-to leadership mindset be? We asked IT leaders for their two cents and their overwhelming response was: Open-Mindedness, a trait that gives birth to trust, flexibility, and all things good and worthwhile.

“You need to listen and trust people. To have an open mind. I’ve a leadership style that’s very inclusive. I try to ensure that the team is part of the discussions and decisions that are being made, because I think that’s very important. And you need to delegate and trust that people know what they’re doing. It’s something that I’m working very hard towards to have a great team.”

Ann-Charlotte Arnshav, CIO, SAS AB

“I try to be open and talk about my ideas out loud and use the audience for discussion and feedback. It helps to identify ideas that are innovative and good from those that are not. Being open enables people with the best ideas to work together and put their best on the table.”

Jouko MäntyläIT Director, Tamro Oyj

“We’ve to be prepared for the new wave of change, for stuff we can’t even think of today, and remember that businesses are always late and the users are more advance. I’ll set my son as an example. He’s a multi-tasker and a fast thinker, and is very clear on what he likes and doesn’t. In the future, we need to prepare for something like loyalty disappearing, with machines and robots making decisions in our place.”

Ingo Paas,  Head of Corporate IT Innovation & Digitalization, ICA

“Openness, honesty, and the ability to communicate. You have to ensure transparency regarding what services you can deliver and how they’re going to be delivered. Build trust. When you promise something, you have to see it through by making sure that your customers know you’re going to do your best to provide them that service no matter what.”

Magnus Åkerlind, Director of Global IT Coordination, Loomis AB


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