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Current trends and opportunities in hotel sustainability

Posted on 23-02-2012.


IntroductionThe past several decades have seen a growingawareness amongst hoteliers and investors regardingthe environmental and social impacts of hoteldevelopment and operations – to the extent wheresustainability issues have permeated nearly everyaspect of the hospitality industry.

This has been drivenby multiple factors including owners’ and operators’desires to reduce operational costs, changing investorattitudes toward the environment (and the coincidingemergence of corporate social responsibility programs),increased regulatory focus on facility operations anddevelopment, and a general shift towards the paradigmof ‘sustainability.

’While other aspects of the hospitality sector arerelatively straightforward to record and interpret (e.g.occupancy percentages, capitalization rates, RevPAR,etc.), sustainability has remained intrinsically difficultto quantify.

Sustainability issues touch on nearly allaspects of hotel ownershipand management, necessitatingthe alignment ofenvironmental, social, andfinancial factors to promoteresponsible business operationsover time.

Despitethe lack of clear, universallyaccepted metrics, there is anoticeable shift toward sustainability that is wellunderway, with momentum demonstrated by a growingnumber of sustainability programs and initiatives whichhave arisen both internally in the hospitality industry(via hotel owners, managers and operators) andexternally in the environmental community.

This article briefly reviews some of the history ofenvironmentalism and sustainability in the hospitalitysector, and provides commentary on the current driversand constraints toward realization of a sustainablehospitality operation.

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source: HVS

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