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Don't Be Afraid To Stand Out -- Be Afraid Of Blending In

Posted on 16-02-2018.

One of the biggest job-search mistakes you can make is to play it safe. The more you look and sound like every other job seeker, the worse your job search experience will be.

The best way to get overlooked by employers is to brand yourself like an anonymous clone, put up with every kind of job search abuse and agree to every obnoxious demand an employer makes of you. This strategy will extend your job search, destroy your mojo and get you a lousy job. In short, it doesn't work very well!

My son has a hedgehog named Rocky. When Rocky gets spooked (and he gets spooked easily), he curls up into a ball. Then you can't see his face or his little soft belly. All you see is a ball of outward-facing spines.

Job seekers tend to do the same thing. They curl up into a ball and then all you can see of them is a public face -- on LinkedIn, in the job-seeker's resume and even in an interview conversation with them -- that doesn't resemble the real person at all. It's a protective shell.

Employers hire real people. They don't hire bundles of skills and certifications.

If someone wants to hire you mostly because they like your credentials, I don't want you to work for them. If they're hiring you because of your resume rather than because of who you are, it means they're afraid of getting in trouble for making a hiring mistake and they figure your resume makes you a "safe" hire. You can't afford to work for a fearful manager like that!

You deserve to work for someone who gets you (the person) way beyond whatever is on your resume. You and your hiring manager need to resonate at the same frequency or it's not going to work out -- and if you've ever worked for the wrong person, you know what I mean.

Job seekers are afraid to stand out, but standing out is the most important part of your job search.

I'm not talking about bragging. Boasting about yourself is the most fearful thing you can do. It screams desperation. That's why resumes with language like "Seasoned senior multi-skilled executive with outstanding leadership abilities" go right into the trashcan. Anybody can brag about themselves. Truly confident people wouldn't dream of doing that.

They simply tell their story and let the reader decide whether or not it's impressive. They don't stoop to praise themselves -- and neither should you.

If you want to stand out in your job search and attract the right people (simultaneously repelling the wrong people, the best way to avoid wasting your time with folks who will never deserve your talents) here's how to do it:

1. In your LinkedIn profile

A confident, non-boilerplate LinkedIn profile uses the word "I" and a conversational tone throughout. Not every recruiter or manager will like your human tone -- so what? You don't need everyone to like you.

2. In your resume

Your resume can also use the word "I" and complete sentences, rather than done-to-death sentence fragments like "Motivated self-starter." What does that even mean? You get motivated by exciting things, like everyone else. Tell us what you get excited about!

3. In your networking conversations

The world's worst answer to the casual networking question "What do you do professionally?" is "I'm job-hunting; know anyone who's hiring?" You are much more than a lowly, needy job seeker. You are a professional, and you are a consultant -- whether you've ever thought of yourself that way or not.

Decide which area you want to consult in, and then you can answer the question "What do you do?" like this: "I've been in supply chain management for years, and now I consult in that area." Then you can have a real conversation. "Oh! That's interesting. What are the big topics in supply chain management these days?"

Don't be afraid to re-brand yourself for a new year, and at a new altitude. You are getting smarter and wiser all the time. That wisdom brings confidence with it -- if you're willing to accept it! Don't be afraid to sound like yourself. Don't be afraid to step into your power.

Source: Forbes

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