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Perhaps no place on earth holds as magical attraction as Bali.

Generation of travelers have come to our island on journeys of discovery, stepping back in time to where the pace is easy and the spirit of life is nourished. On this legendary island, the best of many worlds blend, creating a colorful kaleidoscope of culture, art and adventure. 

Bali is Indonesia's gem. Its tradition of social harmony ensures that it remains safe and friendly to visitors. The Balinese grace is legendary, and it is this special island charm that ensures a warm welcome for guests from around the world. 

Bali is renowned for having maintained its traditional culture against the sweeping tides of the modern world. In many parts of the island, life goes on as it has for centuries, with rhythms of ritual, creativity and culture still serving as a community compass. Here the arts are woven into everyday, making Bali a world center of music, dance, visual arts and of course, shopping. Bali also preserves another important tradition: the fine art of relaxation. Whether one chooses to laze on a palm-fringed beach or sink into the serenity of one of the island's spas, a Bali vacation is a sure cure for any stress-laden days. 
The people of Bali are famous for their spectacular celebrations of life, which combine artistry and spirituality in unforgettable display of devotion. The Balinese believe that God loves beauty, and their religious rituals are feasts for the senses as well as the soul, earning Bali its name as the island of God.  

One of the most important principles in Balinese culture is the harmony between humans, nature and divinity. The island itself is considered to be a spiritual inheritance, and Balinese take pride in conserving it culturally and ecologically as a sacred trust for generations to come. Visitors are invited to share in the wonder of nature by witnessing the majestic grandeur of Bali's mountain landscape, the lust green of its fertile rice fields and the unspoiled richness of its ocean world. 

Bali boasts a wealth of modern tourism facilities, from luxurious resort and spas to professional travel and transportation services to high-quality, well-managed attractions. With something for everyone, Bali is an ideal destination choice. 

We at the Bali Tourism Promotion Board invite you to visit our island,and experience the living legend for yourself.

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