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Internships - traineeships package for China

Welcome to China. The country with unlimited options

As you are one of many students interested in coming to China for your internship or even traineeship it is evident to read more about our way of informing you and offering you possibilities to succeed in finding that great placement.

Why should you come to China? There are many reasons:

  • To learn about the local and international business in the world’s greatest economy
  • To experience the Chinese culture and heritage
  • And to have a great time
We offer exciting placements in one of the most vibrating cities of China: Chengdu.

Chengdu, why this city and not Beijing or Shanghai? These cities are well-known? Because:

  • Chengdu is the most quickly developing and energetic business environment city in China today
  • Atmosphere is relaxed, has an energetic culture and its food: Sichuan is the best China can offer
  • Living expenses are one of lowest in China
  • Combined old and new tradition
  • But more Cities are to come in the near future. There are already some established contacts in Beijing.

What can we offer you?

We can provide hospitality internships (like Howard Johnson, Kempinski and Intercontinental) as well as internships training within other (International ) business branches. Including academic programs.

Ok, there are others who can provide these also. Why you?

Because, we do a lot more than just finding you a suitable position within your desired industry.

What do we offer? Beside an internship based on your wishes, education and related industry

  1. We will be waiting for you at the airport and accompany you to your pre arranged housing
  2. You will receive an extended “survival” kit which includes:
  • A Chinese – English City map. Very necessary
  • Survival Chinese Phrasebook
  • Local pre charged SIM card ( 50 RMB)
  • Subway / bus card (pre charged with 30 RMB)
  • City orientation reading information map
  • Lots of discount vouchers for bars and restaurant in the city
  • Our useful information page with addresses and local contact information
  • And a local English written magazine with exciting information on the international community events in the city
  1. When you arrive someone from our company will be waiting for you for an introduction and talk about all the useful matters of living in Chengdu, including useful tips about the culture and answering all your questions you might have.
  2. We even invite you for an amazing first meal in China in the most excellent Chinese tradition.
  3. We will offer you one free survival Chinese language class. This will assist you getting a good feel for the Chinese language and learn some helpful words and sentences that will help you in your daily life in beautiful China. This one day course will be held at a partner Chinese school by one of our own Chinese teachers.
  4. As you might live in China for a long period of time we urge you to learn at least basic Chinese. This will allow you to speak with the locals and better understand the way of life in China.
  5. If you like you even can participate in our Chinese language course. We have special Chinese Language programs for international students. Ask us for more details ( extra fee will apply)
  6. Networking and business events

To understand the business in China it is important for you to get out and meet people. Chinese are fond of internationals so this can be a great way to interact and learn the language and culture. We are working together with local and foreign communities including the Chamber of Commerce and the local government. If and when there are business events taking place we shall invite you and all other interns to participate.

  1. We also invite you for visits to interesting businesses and cultural exhibitions. (Fee can be applicable)
  2. Our team will help you to arrange accommodation for your first few days in Chengdu, or will advise you if you desire to make your own arrangements.
  3. The process of visa applications varies from country to country. If you are coming for a long term internship, there’s an extension needed. Here we can advise you. We will guide you through the whole process. This includes an invitation letter from your host company if needed. All costs will be borne by  you.
  4. We are available 24/7 for all issues that occur or can occur. Especially in case of an emergency.
  5. We remain in contact with you during your whole internship period. As you are welcome to contact us for any reason or even dropping by for a tea or coffee!
  6. In addition to this we also have 2 extra services:
  • Room arrangements
  • Chinese courses: This is called Our Chinese Friend Program.(already included in the Business package!) This includes:
    • Chinese languages classes: 2 per week 2 hours per class
    • All materials needed
    • Cultural interest
    • Administrative support throughout your internship

Some arrangements and costs are not included in this already complete package:


The process:

  • If you are interested send us an e-mail with your resume and your motivation why you want to go to China and in which industry you want to perform your training.
  • We will ask a deposit before starting. This will be a proof of your commitment in getting an internship / traineeship in China. The deposit will be deducted from our fee when there is a written agreement with the company. The deposit is based on the number of months of your internship. Please ask us for the exact details.
  • In case we didn't find you the right internship according to your request-the deposit will be 100% refundable.
  • Scheduling an interview: which will include you as a person, your resume, your motivation, period and duration.
  • After this interview we will inform our partner in Chengdu (later on also in other cities in china ).
  • They will contact you as well for additional questions and your wishes like lodging (if applicable), visa and so on.
  • When we have found your internship we will contact you to present the company, the job and benefits. There will always be an online interview with the company, our representative and you.
  • If agreed the fee for the package and extras should be paid within 2 days by bank or PayPal. All costs are borne by you.
  • You will receive a written letter of acceptance.
  • When settled all the arrangements can be made: invitation letter for your visa, air line tickets and so on.
  • Your internship can then start!

For this 3 - 6 month package we ask a fee of 495 euros (excluding optional Friend package of 100 euros) for Hospitality training and € 625,00 for the Business package. Both included the deposit.

For each additional month we ask an additional € 50 . Nothing more Nothing less!

For our extended language course: Please ask us for a specific quote

Interested? Please send your resume and motivation to Worldwidetraineeships

Together with our insurance partner Covered Abroad Worldwidetraineeships offer a tailor made insurance package for traineeships abroad. This is important as you will be going abroad for a longer period of time. Your regular insurance at home typically does not provide adequate coverage.

You have a choice out of 2 packages, which covers you for the following:  

  • Medical costs; the limit of EUR 250.000 or EUR 1.500.000 is the difference between the 2 coverage
  • Emergency dental                                 
  • Accident
  • Repatriation                                                   
  • Baggage
  • Liability up to a maximum van EUR 2.000.000,-. This is important for countries such as the USA and Australia. Australian visa regulations require a liability coverage of at least AUD 2.000.000. 


Click here for a complete coverage overview of the insurance package 1, insurance package 2 as well as the General Terms.

Besides an appropriate coverage Covered Abroad offers the following advantages:

  • daily premiums; you only pay for the actual days you spend abroad, pricing starts at 99 cents per day!
  • no additional costs for travel to the USA, Canada and Australia, as well as sports
  • optional baggage and liability coverage
  • no administrative fees
  • you can extend your insurance at any time
  • Coverage Abroad is completely paperless! At your personal Log-in page you access your insurance documents and relevant information…
Click here to purchase your insurance coverage online. After purchase you will receive your confirmation via mail which gives you access to your personal “My Insurance” page. This way you will never loose your policy card again!  

Off course you can also just calculate your insurance premium first, without any further obligation. 

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